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Most cited antibody company in 2014


This award recognises the antibody supplier with the most citations over its whole portfolio achieved in 2014 - Abcam.

Abcam has been established as the winner of this award based on CiteAb citation data from the January - December 2014 period. The company has the highest number of citations, showing their products to have made the greatest contribution to the scientific literature in 2014.

From the data generated through CiteAb we are able to gain a really clear picture of the way antibodies are used around the world. We can tell which countries are investing most in research using antibodies, which companies are seeing growth or decline, which antibodies are most successful and which areas of research are seeing growth.

Here at CiteAb we’re reported regularly on Abcam and its strengths in the market, most recently highlighting how the company has madesignificant market gains over the past twelve months.The company dominates a number of key antibody markets, includinggenetics researchandstem cell research.

Dr Andrew Chalmers, founder of CiteAb, said: “Cambridge, UK-based Abcam have really demonstrated strength over the past year. We’re all excited to see where the company heads in 2015.”


圣克鲁斯生物技术几乎不需要introduction having been active in this area over the past twenty years. The company has focused on the ongoing development of research antibodies, biochemicals, labware and more recently has expanded into animal health care products. With headquarters in Texas, the company operates globally and supplies a wide range of research products.


Cell Signalling Technology was founded by research scientists in 1999, and while they’re a runner up here they have picked up two of our other awards! Unlike Abcam and Santa Cruz, Cell Signalling focus on a much smaller product catalogue but still manage to produce many citations for their products. The company is headquartered in Danvers, Massachusetts with over 400 employees worldwide. Cell Signalling Technology is active in the field of applied systems biology research, particularly as it relates to cancer. The company produces all of its antibodies in house.

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